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BPAY helps you send bills, collect funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of services to make and collect payments, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.

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Batch Payments

Pay your suppliers in a single transaction with BPAY Batch

BPAY Batch lets you to pay multiple suppliers simultaneously, making it easy to stay on top of business expenses.

If your business is either managing payments for clients, for example property managers or payroll, or receives a large volume of bills due to the nature of your business – BPAY Batch can add value.

BPAY Batch can help you reduce manual processing and lower your administrative costs. It also puts your business in control, with the ability to decide the timing and source of every transaction. So you can manage payables more efficiently, while benefitting from the security and reliability of BPAY bill payments.

How does it work?

  • Talk to your financial institution.

    Before you start, check whether your financial institution offers BPAY Batch. The following financial institutions offer BPAY Batch: 

    • BankWest
    • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Macquarie Bank
    • National Australia Bank
    • Westpac
  • Create a Batch file.

    There are multiple ways to batch your payments for upload to your Financial Institution, these depend on what works best for your business

    Financial Institution
    Once you are registered as a BPAY Batch Payer your Financial Institution will let you know how to upload the BPAY information to create the file, typically though your existing online banking.

    BPAY BatchMaker
    If you use the QuickBooks accounting software there is an easy way to batch files through the BPAY BatchMaker application available in the QuickBooks app store.

    It is an easy and convenient way to:‚Äč

    • Capture invoice data
    • Instantly validate BPAY payment information to avoid errors later in the process
    • Create BPAY and EFT batch files in the correct bank format ready for you to submit to your Bank for processing#
    • Match invoices to existing suppliers and export the data back to QuickBooks for easy reconciliation.

    # BPAY BatchMaker can be used to create the batch file which you can submit to your financial institution to make BPAY Payments. BPAY Payments cannot be made through BPAY BatchMaker.  Your use of BPAY payments is governed by separate arrangements with your financial institution

  • Batch Payment APIs 

    BPAY is currently piloting Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to enable BPAY Batch  Payers Agreement to lookup billers, validate payment data and create BPAY batch files in real time. A Sandbox environment is available to test the APIs and the Production environment is due to be opened by October 2019.

    3 APIs for testing

    • Retrieve Biller Details - allows lookup of biller details using a supplied BPAY Biller code
    • Validate BPAY Payment(s) - allows validation of a BPAY Payment transaction to ensure that it passes all validation and CRN rules prior to submission to a Payer Institution  
    • Generate BPAY Batch File - allows generation of an FI specific batch file (using supplied BPAY transactions) for upload to a bank for processing. Banks formats supported are BankWest, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie, NAB and Westpac.

    If you would like more information, or you would like to apply to test the BPAY API services, please email

  • Process payments.  

    Paying the batched bills is easy, simply upload the Batch file to your financial institution and they’ll process all the payments and send you a receipt for each.



How BPAY Batch could help your business

  • Pay bills quickly and efficiently

    Pay multiple bills quickly with a single file, instead of wasting hours paying them individually

  • Lower overheads

    Spend less on administration, with a fast and cost-effective solution for multiple bill payments

  • Better use of your resources

    Spend less time paying bills so you can spend more time focussing on running your business

  • Value added services for your clients

    From payroll companies to property managers, businesses can use BPAY Batch to create value-added services for their clients by taking care of payments for them


To find out more, contact your financial institution.

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