Software Companies

For software providers wishing to enhance their existing solutions to ensure compatibility with BPAY Payments, the solution is fairly simple. This simplicity is due in most part to the design of the BPAY solution in general and the role played by Biller Institutions.

From the Biller perspective, prospective Billers have some administrative and regulatory matters to attend to when becoming a Biller, however the technical solution itself for the software provider can be arrived at without significant burden.

In summary, Software Providers will need to enable their solution to:

  • Generate Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) in line with Scheme requirements

  • Include BPAY logo and payment details on invoices

  • Process the receipting files that come from their customer’s Biller Institutions which contain details of the payments made to the Biller by their customers

Once the invoices containing the CRNs and invoices are produced, Payers make BPAY payments via their own Financial Institution which sends the details to BPAY. The Biller’s Financial Institution manages receipt and processing of the payments file from BPAY, afterwards providing a file to the Biller of all payments received on their behalf.


Helping your clients make the most of BPAY

Software companies can get involved by supporting BPAY Billers and Member Financial Institutions at multiple points in the BPAY process, including software integration, billing and receivables management, and bill printing. Here’s an overview of how it works.

BPAY Third Party Support


Helping BPAY Master Billers

A BPAY Master Biller allows the Sub Billers to take advantage of the benefits of BPAY whether they sign up for a Biller Code of their own, or elect to use the Master Biller’s Biller Code.

Master Billers may need specialised support to analyse payment files, reconcile payments and supply value-added services to their Sub Billers.

BPAY Master Biller Third Party Support

See how a Master Biller arrangement can benefit businesses