Service Providers

A key opportunity with BPAY View

By becoming a BPAY Service Provider, you will be able to offer benefits to your customers such as helping reduce their overheads, whilst at the same time caring for the environment.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience fast and secure electronic billing — so if you’re interested in helping your customers offer BPAY View by becoming a BPAY Service Provider, we’d be happy to help.

We can work with you and your client Biller or Financial Institution to help resolve technical issues and assist in the development of a robust, secure and seamless solution tailored for their specific business needs.


What BPAY services can Service Providers support?

As a Service Provider, you are able to supply BPAY’s complete range of receivables and payables services, with advanced features that simplify payments and reconciliation and helps your customers send bills, receive funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently.  

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Where do Third Parties play in the support of

BPAY View?

Helping your clients with BPAY View

You can help your clients take advantage of online billing with BPAY View, by developing software to generate, store and integrate electronic bills with their Internet Banking software.

BPAY View Third Party Support

BPAY View - Biller Implementation Process



Assisting Third Parties in the Sales Process

BPAY View Business Calculator Tool

BPAY has created a tool that is designed to assist in the creation of a Business Case to clearly demonstrate the potential cost savings that can be realised by implementing BPAY View as an e-presentment and payment channel. Contact BPAY to find out more information