BPAY View keeps bills where they belong

Get bills and statements sent straight to your online or mobile bank

If you’re tired of paper bills and statements piling up, BPAY View can help. BPAY View sends bills and statements straight to the same online or mobile bank you use to pay them, saving you from shuffling paper. With convenient email, SMS or bank message reminders* and secure online or mobile access, BPAY View makes it easy to pay on time, every time. And BPAY View is easy on the environment too.

  • Keep bills and statements where they belong

    Receive and store bills and statements in the same convenient place, and securely on your online or mobile bank.

  • Easy access — anytime, anywhere

    View and manage your bills and statements anytime, anywhere.**

  • Pay on time

    You can choose to receive a handy email, SMS or bank message reminders* and fast online payments, helping you remember and not missing a payment again.
    *Reminder options may vary by each financial institution.

  • Stay in control

    Pay bills how and when you want — with control over the account you pay from and the day you pay.

  • Easy on you, easy on the environment

    BPAY View not only saves you time and effort, it saves paper too!




How BPAY View works

It only takes a few minutes to get started with BPAY View. Simply log on to your online or mobile bank to register with each of your billers or organisations offering BPAY View. When a bill or statement arrives, your financial institution will let you know* by email, SMS or bank message within your online or mobile bank.

*Notification options may vary by each financial institution. Contact your financial institution for further information.

With your bills and statements all in one place, it’s easy to view, pay and store them at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger.

View a list of billers and organisations who offer BPAY View




How to get started with BPAY View

  • Check your bill

    Many important businesses have already signed up to BPAY View. To see if your biller is among them, look for BPAY View in the How to Pay section of your bill or check this list of BPAY View billers.

  • Log on

    Log onto your financial institution's Internet banking site & look for the BPAY View or View Bills section.

  • Register

    Follow the prompts to register for BPAY View with each of your billers. Each Biller or organisation may require slightly different information but generally you will need:

    • Your customer name as it appears on the bill
    • The BPAY Biller Code
    • Your Customer Reference Number
    • Your BPAY View Registration number which is noted in the BPAY payments box on your bill.

    Just look for the distinctive BPAY Biller code and reference number on your bill:


    Look up a BPAY View Biller and find out what information they need to register you. You can contact your Biller as well

  • Get confirmation

    Within two working days, your financial institution will be in touch by email or through your online or mobile bank to confirm you’re registered. They’ll also let you know when your next statement or bill arrives.

  • And you're done!

    Once you are successfully registered with BPAY View, you will receive a notification when a new bill has arrived either via email or the next time you log onto your Internet Banking site.


Having problems?

If you’re having trouble registering for BPAY View, check your online or mobile bank to find out the reason. The most common problems are entering the wrong details, or registering with more than one online or mobile bank. Make sure you’ve cancelled your BPAY View registration with any other financial institutions, and then try again. If you’re still having problems, contact your financial institution.

**BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to your online, mobile or phone bank.

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