Supporting our Members

BPAY Scheme Members include over 150 different Financial Institutions, ranging from Australia’s largest banks, to local building societies, credit unions, and mortgage originators. BPAY is offered on more than 45,000 bills, supporting its Members in the provision of payment and information services to their customers.

BPAY supports its Members in numerous ways from general products and technical support to the provision of customised Member training sessions covering operations, product and sales, as well as a Member specific Training Portal which includes a wide range of BPAY training tools and materials.

In addition BPAY provides marketing support for both Members and their business customers, this can take the form of the provision of general marketing collateral or specifically designed campaigns.

Initial Convenience Service (ICS). To learn more about the ICS, please visit the ICS page




BPAY has a dedicated Training Portal that gives you access to the BPAY Training tools and product support materials developed for Scheme Members, as part of the overall BPAY Training Program. The Training Portal provides you with one place to easily access and download these materials when you need them.

Training is available for the various departments within Financial Institutions, whether you work in sales, operations, customer care or product management, you will be able to find the information you need. These include:

  • Products and Services training for all BPAY services, including Product Information Guides, powerpoint presentations and videos and e-learning modules

  • Operations training including guides and step-by-step videos for all areas of the BPAY Operations Portal

  • Sales specific training for BPAY services including BPAY payments, BPAY View and Master Biller.

The Training Portal is password protected. Each Financial Instituion is provided a quarterly username and password. If you would like access to the BPAY Training Portal please speak to your BPAY Product Manager or request your password on the login screen of the Training Portal.

Download our guide on the training tools and materials available on the Training Portal

BPAY Training Portal


Marketing Support

Many Australians already pay with BPAY, and your customers could enjoy the option of paying their bills with Australia’s most popular payment service.*

To make sure they can get the most from your BPAY offering, we provide marketing materials and campaign support to help promote BPAY services.

In addition, we can assist your business customers who offer BPAY services with their marketing efforts.

Find out how we can help you promote your BPAY service

See our guide on what Marketing Support is available to businesses for BPAY Services

BPAY Training Portal


* Based on BPAY Usage and Attitude survey, 2014.

How we help you get more from BPAY
  • Brand guidelines

    that help you get the most from the BPAY brand

  • Joint marketing activity

    that help target your customers or support your business customers’ marketing efforts

  • BPAY Scheme campaigns

    to promote BPAY and BPAY View usage

  • Training videos

    to help your staff manage your service

  • BPAY Banter - our online newsletter

    to keep you up to date

  • FAQs

    answers to a number of frequently asked questions



Operations Portal

The BPAY Operations Portal is the workflow platform that supports the BPAY Scheme operational activities, including allocating biller codes, biller management and payment investigations. Stay up-to-date with the latest BPAY incidents and alerts and download important scheme documentation.

Access the Operations Portal at this link

The BPAY Operations Portal requires an individual login. For more information regarding access to the Operations Portal, please contact your BPAY Product Manager or click here.

Proposed changes to NSW Councils

BPAY continues to watch with interest the evolving position for proposed changes to selected NSW Councils to take place later this year.

A selected number of Councils may merge, which could involve a number of considerations that will need to be worked through with the Council’s nominated Financial Institution.

BPAY are happy to assist with support where required. If you are a council and you require assistance, please contact your Financial Institution or