BPAY Marketing Support

Running a BPAY marketing campaign can help achieve a faster return on your investment in BPAY services. It is important to let your customers know about the payment services you provide and the benefits.

What has worked?

BPAY has run hundreds of marketing campaigns with businesses and this has provided insights into what campaigns work best. Here are our recommendations for running a best practice BPAY marketing campaign.

Icon for Multi channel approach

Multi channel approach

There are many channels of communication that can be utilised to reach your customer base, and many of these are already managed by your businesses such as emails, website, flyers inserted with your bill. By covering multiple channels, you are better able to reach your customers and gain traction.

Use your bills

Use your bills

Marketing with your bills, whether they are electronic or paper will have the best results. Payments are generally a low involvement category for your customers, so receiving a message within or with the bill is more likely to elicit a response.

Personalised communications

Personalised communications

Where possible it is always best to take the existing BPAY material and add small personalised elements, such as including your company logo and your customer’s details. You can do this by downloading the customisable versions of the BPAY material and having a designer add these elements.

Multiple Campaigns

Multiple Campaigns

We suggest that if possible you should look to run multiple campaigns to ensure that your customers have clearly seen the messages and are reminded to act upon them.

Material available

BPAY provides marketing materials for all of the BPAY services for you to download to run your own campaign. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to use a multichannel approach, therefore BPAY provides specific material for various channels.

The material offered by BPAY includes:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Web banners
  • Statement messaging
  • Social media assets
  • Newsletter assets
  • Video content

To utilise this material, simply select your BPAY service from the tabs above and select the material you would like to download.

The items marked as Print Ready – can be given straight to your printer for distribution or used directly on your website.

The items marked as Customisable – are able to be edited by a graphic designer to include customisations such as including your business name and logo. The text in cased in the <> can be altered. Please note that if any material is edited it will need to be sent to the BPAY marketing department for approval before distribution (marketing@bpay.com.au)

When you choose the material you would like to download you will be asked for some contact details. These details are only used in order to keep track of who is using BPAY marketing material and to provide information around any relevant upcoming campaign activity.

Please note that your business will be responsible for the printing of the artwork supplied by BPAY.