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A flood of requests from customers who wanted to pay their invoice with a credit card was the key reason why Perth-based paving and drainage business B&M's Pave N Drain started offering BPAY as a payment option to customers over a year ago.

After exploring the processes and costs associated with offering credit card payments with her bank, director Susan Barker decided a much better solution would be to offer BPAY as a payment option to customers.

Barker says "we decided it was easier, cheaper and simpler from an administration perspective to offer BPAY as a payment solution. Compared to other payment methods it's very easy to identify in our banking records which payment matches which invoice when a customer uses BPAY to pay us."

"It means I no longer have to play detective when a payment comes in, deciding which invoice it belongs to," she adds.

In terms of setting up BPAY as a payment option for customers, Barker says "my bank account manager assisted us the whole way through the process. He completed all the application forms and after we'd submitted the application, we were approved within two weeks."

As soon as Barker received the approval to start offering BPAY as a payment option, she downloaded the customer reference number (CRN) tool software, which has allowed her to create customer reference numbers based on the invoice number.

"My husband, who also works in the business, likes to be very hands on when it comes to invoicing. He handwrites invoices, which include my contact details so customers can contact me for their BPAY reference number if they wish to use BPAY to pay their invoice," she says explaining that between 35 per cent and 50 per cent of all invoices are now paid with BPAY.

Barker says BPAY is easier to administer than electronic funds transfer because there's no confusion about which invoice a payment relates to. "With EFT, people often just put ‘paving' in as the payment description, assuming they are the only ones to use this term. But we do lots of small jobs and have two or three teams on the road at any time, and we charge a standard installation fee for many jobs. This can be a nightmare to administer when people use ‘paving' as the description of their account when paying their invoice. With BPAY, it's immediately obvious which job the payment relates to. It's foolproof."

"Dealing with BPAY has been an absolute pleasure. It's made administration a lot less stressful, is cost-effective and keeps customers happy, so it ticks all boxes," she says.

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