BPAY CRN Generator Tool

The BPAY CRN Generator Tool gives you the ability to easily generate BPAY CRNs specific to your biller code, that can be included on your invoices, helping you track and reconcile payments, reducing the time and effort your staff need to invest in managing transactions.

Step 1

Enter your biller code if you have one, or enter your biller name and choose your check digit rule

Step 2

Choose whether you would like to base the BPAY CRNs on your existing unique customer numbers, or if you would prefer to specify the CRN parameters and generate random CRNs.
Choose how many CRNs you would like to create.
Enter the unique customer number
This unique customer number can be an invoice or account number, or anything else that you use to uniquely identify this customer
Upload a CSV file of customer numbers
Your CSV file must contain a list of your unique customer numbers in Column A. Customer numbers must be 2-19 numerical digits long and not contain any special characters. Do not use a column heading. We will create a CSV file that places all corresponding BPAY CRNs alongside in Column B.
Select the number of digits for your CRNs
(including any prefixes and the check digit)
Select the number of CRNs you would like to generate
The CRN must start with (optional)

Step 3

Choose how would you like to receive your results.
Your results file will be downloaded in your browser. It will have the same name as the CSV file uploaded with today's date appended.
Your results file will be downloaded in your browser. We will create a CSV file with customer numbers in Column A and BPAY CRNs with the check digit alongside in Column B.
Your email address
Important Note: The CRN Generator Service is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. BPAY is not repsonsible for the accuracy, validity or reliability of the CRN or any other output generated by the CRN Generator Service.