An easier way to make and collect payments

BPAY helps you send bills, collect funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of services to make and collect payments, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.
BPAY has released Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which enable businesses who are signed up with a participating Financial Institution to build BPAY services into their systems*

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QR Codes

Help your customers pay with just one click*

Give your customers greater choice and reduce the risk of payment errors, with QR Codes from BPAY.

QR Codes let your customers make a bill payment in seconds, simply by scanning a two-dimensional code with their mobile or tablet device.

The easier it is for your customers to pay, the more likely they are to pay on time, improving your business cash flow. And QR Codes are easy for your business to create and use, with step-by-step support from BPAY and your financial institution.

How do BPAY QR Codes work?

Your financial institution can help you apply the BPAY QR Code specifications to create a BPAY QR Code for each bill, based on the billing information you already send your printer or Bill Service Provider.

When customers receive your bill, they can log onto their mobile banking app and if their financial institution offers BPAY QR code compatibility, they can scan the BPAY QR Code to automatically populate the data required to create a BPAY payment, so they can complete the transaction in moments.



How BPAY QR Codes can help your business

  • Faster cash flow than other payment methods

    Research shows people who pay by mobile are more likely to pay straight away — potentially accelerating your cash flow^

  • Fewer errors

    Reduce the risk of keystroke errors and the time you and your staff spend chasing up incorrect payments, with essential information automatically uploaded from the BPAY QR code

  • A stronger brand

    Reinforce your image as an innovator who looks for new ways to make your customers' lives easier

  • More choice for your customers

    Improve the customer experience by giving them the option of fast and easy bill payments


To find out more, contact your financial institution.

*Not all financial institutions are QR code compatible
^ Based on BPAY Usage and Attitude survey, 2015

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