QR codes go live in mobile banking

QR codes go live in mobile banking

BPAY is delighted to announce that QR code functionality has recently been launched within mobile banking.

QR (quick response) code functionality allows a biller to place a QR code on its paper or electronic bills. Customers can scan the code using the QR code reader in their mobile banking app which pre-populates the BPAY payment information from the bill into their app for payment.

General Manager of Online Banking Drew Unsworth says the Commonwealth Bank of Australia decided to implement BPAY QR codes because it recognised that it was a simple and easy way for customers to capture bill details from within their mobile banking site and reduce errors.

"It’s also an extension of the work we’ve done with Kaching to bring bill payments and mobile banking together," says Unsworth.

He says it also gives BPAY a competitive advantage. "It’s a great way for BPAY to stay relevant. We also wanted to be one of the first to offer QR Codes as a way of supporting BPAY, which we think is important."

Unsworth agrees the implementation process was straightforward.

"Bill payments are an important feature of mobile banking and the QR code technology works well with mobile browsing, so it was an easy decision for us to rollout BPAY’s QR code functionality for customers," he says.

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