It’s now even easier for businesses to implement BPAY View

It’s now even easier for businesses to implement BPAY View

As consumer preference for eBilling has grown, so too has the use of BPAY View. BPAY has seen an increase in consumer use of eBilling in real terms, with 14% growth in the last year.

The ability to access bills in one place – their internet banking, reduce paper and schedule payments are some of the reasons consumers are embracing BPAY View. That’s why 88% of consumers who use it say it meets or exceeds their expectations.*

But it’s not just consumers who favour BPAY View. BPAY has experienced a 30% growth in BPAY View billers (since August 2012) because of the business benefits it delivers including: reducing costs; increased customer engagement and the ability to meet environmental objectives.

BPAY has just made it even easier for businesses to offer BPAY View through a new file exchange. A new interface has been developed that enables the transmission of flat files containing Comma Delimited data (CSV files) between the BPAY View Hub and BPAY View Bill Service Providers (BSPs), Billers and Printers.

If you’re interested in offering BPAY View, Bill Service Providers including Computershare, Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions (formerly Salmat), Print Mail Logistics Limited (PML), Lane Print, Forms Express, Payreq and Zipform are certified to offer BPAY View services. These Bill Service Providers support BPAY View Billers at multiple points in the process, including technical certification for BPAY View, software integration, billing and receivables managements, and bill printing. The following printers can also provide BPAY View services in conjunction with a certified Bill Service Provider such as Payreq: ABnote, Ballarat Mailworks, Bendimail, Bing, Blue Star DIRECT, Chandler, Dare Images, Finsbury Green, Mercury Walch and SmartComm.

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