Radio Rentals, South Australia

Radio Rentals, South Australia

I'm Tina Taddeo, a group accounting manager for the Radio Rentals Group. We're South Australia's biggest electrical retailer. Being a part of the BPAY network is great for our business. We wanted a convenient way for our customers to be able to pay their rental accounts and BPAY was suitable because it gave them a flexible arrangement, they didn't have to come into a store, they could do it from home, or mobile, and it just made things easier for us from a cash flow perspective as well, lots of advantages with BPAY due to less paperwork. The reconciling process for BPAY is quiet easy, the customers really love it. BPAY has been a very good move for us. I'd recommend BPAY to other businesses; it gives you a great way to get cash up front sooner, have something that's recognised by consumers Australia wide and just gives us greater visibility having more flexible payment arrangements. We don't like extra paperwork.

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