An easier way to manage receivables and payables

BPAY helps you send bills, receive funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of receivables and payables services, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.

BPAY Services Overview


BPAY has released Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which enable businesses who are signed up with a participating Financial Institution to build BPAY services into their systems (like accounting packages and software providers), enabling them to lookup billers, validate payment data, create customer reference numbers and create BPAY batch files in real time*

There are 4 APIs available 
Retrieve BPAY Biller Details
Validate BPAY Payment
Generate BPAY Batch File
Generate BPAY CRN 

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Master Biller

Drive revenue through stronger business relationships

As a Master Biller, you can help other businesses manage receivables more effectively, using fast and efficient BPAY bill payments. You could also earn extra revenue and even offer value-added services, from outsourced billing to intelligent receivables management. Examples of Master Biller arrangements include schools, strata and property management.

Your business will enjoy new growth opportunities by enhancing and extending your partnership with key small business clients. Your clients will enjoy the speed and convenience of BPAY, without the administrative complexity of managing receivables.


How a BPAY Master Biller arrangement could help your business


Create deeper partnerships by helping your business clients enjoy the speed and convenience of billing with BPAY, without the need to apply for their own individual Biller Codes.

  • Stronger relationships

    Strengthen existing business relationships and play an essential part in your clients’ day to day operations as a valued service provider underpinning receivables collection

  • Support for franchisees

    Provide valuable support to a network of franchisees while maintaining oversight of BPAY payment volumes and values across your franchise network

  • Extra revenue opportunities#

    Enjoy the potential for extra revenue from transaction fees paid by your Sub Billers

  • Value-added services

    Enhance your clients’ businesses and earn revenue by developing value-added services for your clients, ranging from automated reconciliation to outsourced billing


# Fees are set by the Master Biller and agreed with the Sub-biller. Fees may be payable by Master Billers to financial institutions. Contact your financial institution for more details.


How does it work?

The following financial institutions offer Master Biller:

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Westpac
  • National Australia Bank

Contact your financial institution to find out more


Become a Master Biller
Register with your Financial Institution as a Master Biller. Your Financial Institution will give you one or more Biller Codes — one for each industry group you work with.
Sign up Sub Billers
Invite your small business clients and partners to sign up as Sub Billers, using the Sub Biller agreement included in your Master Biller documents. The Sub Biller agreement contains all of the key details they need to get started, including the Biller Code they have chosen to use. Once they have signed up, pass your Sub Billers’ details on to your Financial Institution.
Process payment information
Your Financial Institution sends payments directly to your Sub Billers’ business accounts or to your account, according to the funds allocation agreed between you and your Sub Billers. You’ll also receive a daily master payment file for reconciliation — making it easy to offer your clients services like comprehensive receivables management.