An easier way to manage receivables and payables

BPAY helps you send bills, receive funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of receivables and payables services, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.

BPAY Services Overview


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Customer Reference Number types

Smart features for easy tracking and reconciliation

Tracking payments with your BPAY Customer Reference Number (CRN)

Track and reconcile every bill and bill payment quickly and easily, with a BPAY CRN.

When you implement BPAY, you then allocate each of your customers a CRN. Each CRN is a unique number generated by your business, which is used to identify exactly which customer account each payment is for, so you can automate receivables reconciliation. You can also choose to have a variable CRN which changes from bill to bill, to enable you to track payments relating to specific periods, bills, invoices or transactions.

There are a number of options which give you additional flexibility:

  • Check digit:

    to help identify and eliminate transposition errors before they reach the biller, helping to ensure more accurate bill payments and reduce the time and effort your staff need to invest in reconciling transactions

  • Validation rule:

    a customised rule used to further validate a CRN. For example, these may be used to eliminate Payment Errors and to limit Fraud on particular Biller Codes e.g. Credit Card Biller Codes



BPAY CRN – Business Benefits


Locking in fixed payment amounts and dates with iCRN

BPAY’s Intelligent Customer Reference Number (iCRN) is an essential tool for businesses that need payments to be made for a specific amount, made by a certain date, or both. By including iCRNs on your bills, you can help meet your legal and compliance obligations and avoid the complexities of tracking and returning invalid payments. For example, insurance companies currently use this feature to ensure that a payment is made by a certain date, for a policy to be current and valid.

Using your client’s ABN as their CRN

Simplify the tracking and reconciliation of bills sent to your business clients, by using their ABNs as their BPAY CRNs. This option helps you avoid the need to create a new customer identifier by using a publicly available number already in your accounting system.