Working at BPAY

Our success is and has always been down to our people. That’s why we work hard at cultivating a collaborative, inclusive culture where our people are inspired and empowered to be the best they can be.

We live and breathe our four core values every day: Better Together, Think Customer, Minds Wide Open and Always Step Forward.

Better Together

We back each other and have each other’s backs, because together we are stronger, smarter and better.

As a company of professionals, we believe in the power of teamwork. Being better together, BPAY Group has remained relevant and innovative after 20 years of service to Australians.


Think Customer

First things first. Think about your customer, they’ll think about their customer, who’ll think of their customer and so on it goes. A domino effect.

BPAY customers make 938 payments every minute, and are at the heart of everything we do. By keeping the customer and their needs top of mind, BPAY has maintained its relevance and value in Australians’ lives and as part of the Australian financial services community.

Minds Wide Open

A mind wide open is a free mind, open to new questions and answers. Open to others and other points of view. Open to new ideas and most importantly, new ways of thinking.

Complacency is our biggest risk, and one we don’t intend on taking. BPAY Group is dedicated to embracing new technologies in the market, pushing each other to approach challenges from different perspectives, and surrounding ourselves with people who bring new ideas and questions to the table. Continuing our legacy of change and innovation starts with open minds.

Always Step Forward

Our childlike curiosity and ambition to learn and improve keeps us up at night, which is something we’ll always strive for, because if you shoot for the moon you may just end up in the stars.

We’re all about growing, keeping things moving, and reaching for better. Our unique position within the financial services industry enables us to think innovatively about products and services that can benefit all Australians.

Together, we make a real difference to the way Australians move money in fast, secure, and convenient ways.


Career Opportunities

Visit the BPAY LinkedIn Page to view our latest job postings.