Take control of your bills with BPAY View.

With BPAY View, you can have your bills delivered directly to your online banking - so you can view, pay automatically or with a single click, knowing that the bill will be securely stored in one place.

Once you've signed up with BPAY View, you'll receive a convenient email, SMS or bank message* when it's time to pay your bill.

You can then pay the bill with one click^, schedule a later payment and even set up automatic payment for future bills**. How easy is that?

*Reminder options may differ between financial institutions.
^The process may vary slightly between financial institutions.
**Scheduled payments are subject to systems and funds availability.

*NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/18158 ACT Permit No. TP17/01952 SA Licence No. T17/1846. Terms & Conditions Apply.



How it works

  • Log in to your online bank
    Log in to your online bank
    Search for your BPAY View Biller
  • Register your biller
    Register your biller
    Register with each of your billers or organisations offering BPAY View
  • Receive bills
    Receive bills
    From now on, any bills from this Biller will go straight to your online banking.

    You'll get an instant notification when it arrives
  • Pay with one click
    Pay with one click
    Once you've received a new bill from this Biller:

    • Go to BPAY View
    • Pay the bill with one click^
    • Get on with your day - you're all done!

^ The process may vary slightly between financial institutions.

Paul likes that BPAY gives him full control over his finances. Now he enjoys:
  • A safe and secure place to store his bills
  • Most of his payments records* in the same place
  • Having time to do the things he enjoys

*If BPAY View is offered by the financial institution and Biller.

Why use BPAY View?

Emailed bill
Paper bill
One-click^ bill payments with prepopulated payment information within your online banking
Instant notifications in your email or mobile when a new bill arrives*
The option to activate and deactivate auto-payments any time you want to
The ability to manage bills online from anywhere in the world, day and night#
No more paper bills — a win for our environment

^ The process may vary slightly between financial institutions.

*Notification options may differ between financial institutions.

#BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to your online, mobile or phone banking.

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See which local billers offer BPAY View

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Set up BPAY View

Simply choose your bank or financial institution from the drop-down menu, then follow the prompts to set up BPAY View.

    Login to your online banking account to begin these steps
    Navigate to the menu
    • Navgiate to Bill payment > BPAY View billers
    • Click on the "Add a biller for BPAY View" on the RHS of the page
    Add a biller
    • Select the BPAY View biller you would like to add by either
    • Selecting from a list
    • Entering their biller code as found on your bill
    • Search by biller name
    Enter biller details
    • Each biller has specific registration requirements (the information you need to enter)
    • Enter the details as requested, click the statement checkbox and click OK

    Need help?

    How do I register for BPAY View?
    Simply log on to your online banking, and choose the BPAY View or View Bills option.

    Next, follow the prompts to register for BPAY View with each of your Billers. Each Biller or organisation may need slightly different information — you can look them up or contact them directly to find out more.

    Generally, all you’ll need is a copy of your bill.

    Just look for the distinctive BPAY Biller Code and reference number on your bill.
    How do I view a bill?
    Go to your online banking and choose the BPAY View or View Bill option. You’ll see a summary list of your current bills*, with key information like the business name, the amount and the due date. Then click on the Biller name to view the bill in more detail.

    *If BPAY View is offered by the financial institution and Biller.

    How do I know if I’ve paid a BPAY View bill?
    Simply log on to your online banking and check your BPAY View summary list. Different financial institutions mark paid bills in different ways, but all will show a payment status next to each bill. Contact your financial institution if you want to know more.