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Offered on over 44,000 bills , you can pay many bills in minutes. Just look for the distinctive BPAY logo and Biller Code on your bill, then log on to your online, mobile or phone bank. You can choose the bank account you’d like to use and even schedule payments for later. So you have control — anytime, anywhere.**

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BPAY - Biller Code

  • Pay bills in minutes securely through your online bank
  • Pay bills on the go with your mobile bank
  • Pay bills anywhere, anytime with telephone banking

How to make payments with BPAY

  • Get connected

    Register for online, mobile or phone banking with your financial institution.

    Contact your financial institution

  • Look for the BPAY logo and Biller Code

    Check your bill for the BPAY Biller Code and Customer Reference number:

    BPAY - Biller Code

  • Log on

    Log on to your online, mobile or phone bank.

    Find your online bank

  • Pay your bill

    Choose the BPAY or Pay Bill option and follow the prompts to choose the biller, amount, payment account and pay date. Then record your receipt number - and you’re done! It’s as simple as that.

  • And you're done!

    To pay more than one bill simply repeat the process as many times as you need.


**BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to your online, mobile or phone bank.


BPAY QR Codes on bills - One-click bill payments*

It's hard to believe you could make BPAY payments even faster by using BPAY QR (quick response) Codes via your mobile banking app, you can do just that.

QR Codes allow you to upload information more quickly, simply by scanning the QR Code with your mobile or tablet device. Just one click* and it's paid.

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To use this facility, your bank has to offer the QR Code scanner within their banking app.

Use BPAY QR Codes, with your banking app to:

BPAY - QR Code

  • Make BPAY Payments faster and easier
  • Reduce the risk of making a BPAY payment error because it populates the information required to make that payment
  • Pay using your mobile
Learn how to make QR payments with BPAY

*The process may vary slightly between Financial Institutions.

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BPAY payments are offered by over 150 BPAY Payer Institutions. Contact your financial institution to see if it offer BPAY and to get the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This is general advice – before using BPAY please review the PDS and consider whether BPAY is appropriate for your personal circumstances.