Supporting our Members

BPAY is a payment and e-presentment service provided through the BPAY Scheme, comprising Australian financial institutions and biller businesses. BPAY is currently offered by over 150 financial institutions and on more than 44,000 bills, with the BPAY Scheme supporting its Members in the provision of BPAY Payments and BPAY View to their customers.

The BPAY Scheme is managed through the BPAY Management Committee which is made up of representatives from the 12 Participant Members with the largest processed volume. The role of the Management Committee is to provide oversight of the operation of the BPAY Scheme, including delivery on the Scheme’s strategic direction, managing innovation, risk and pricing within the BPAY Scheme.

BPAY Pty Ltd is responsible for the day to day operations of the BPAY Scheme. As part of the day to day operations, BPAY provides general support and training materials for Members and their business customers as required. BPAY can also help with marketing support, promoting our services to Members’ business and retail consumers customers to encourage usage and awareness of those services.


Membership Types


BPAY offers three different levels of membership, with different entry requirements and settlement obligations.

Learn more about the different levels of BPAY Members


Marketing Support

How we help you get more from BPAY
  • Brand guidelines that help you get the most from the BPAY brand

  • Joint marketing activity that help target your customers or support your business customers’ marketing efforts

  • BPAY Scheme campaigns to promote BPAY and BPAY View usage

  • Training videos to help your staff manage your service

  • Regular newsletters to keep you up to date

  • Financial institution Help Centre with answers to a number of frequently asked questions