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For businesses that offer BPAY

BPAY is always looking for ways to make things easier for businesses to promote BPAY to your customers. Based on the knowledge gained through many joint marketing campaigns, BPAY have created this section to provide businesses with a wide variety of materials to make marketing the service simple and effective. The materials are built to cover any channels that you use to reach your customer base. If you would like more information on how to run a campaign, please refer to the overview section.

How to access the marketing material

Please click on the sections below to view the marketing material available. Once you make a section, move to the end of the page to fill out some details and download the requested material straight to your computer.

BPAY has created two themed marketing campaigns for use by businesses. We suggest that you use content from one of the themes below to keep your marketing consistent across your channels.

The items below marked as Print Ready – can be given straight to your printer for distribution or used directly on your website.

The items below marked as Customisable – can be edited by a graphic designer to include customisations such as your business name and logo. These versions are based on the creative of the print ready examples.

The text in cased in < > can be altered. Please note that if any material is edited it will need to be sent to the BPAY marketing department for approval (marketing@bpay.com.au)


Theme 1 - Simple and Sorted
Simple and sorted is a corporate artwork that will appeal to both businesses and customers.
Theme 2 - BPAY for Schools
Promote BPAY as a payment option for schools and parents.


Material available



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