Generate BPAY CRNs

We have heard your feedback and understand that some businesses do not have access to the tools or software needed to generate a BPAY Customer Reference Number (CRN). So, to make the process easier we have developed a simple tool to help you. The BPAY CRN Generator Tool gives you the ability to easily generate BPAY CRNs specific to your biller code, that can be included on your invoices, helping you track and reconcile payments, reducing the time and effort your staff need to invest in managing transactions.

Who should use the CRN Generator tool?

The BPAY CRN Generator Tool is ideal for BPAY billers who:

  • Would like to quickly and easily generate single or multiple BPAY CRNs, but do not have access to the tools or software to do so
  • Have been set up by their Financial Institution to offer BPAY, and have an active BPAY biller code
  • Have been set up by their Financial Institution to use one of the four industry-standard check-digit rules (MOD10V01, MOD10V02, MOD10V05, MOD09V02)

If you have any questions on the above points, please speak to your Financial Institution.


3 simple steps to create your own BPAY CRNs:

Enter your biller code
We will retrieve your biller name and the check-digit rule associated with your biller code.

This will help eliminate capture errors and ensure more accurate bill payments.
Enter/upload your unique customer numbers
There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Supply unique numbers that you use to identify your customers, like account or invoice numbers
  • Or specify the length and a starting sequence of numbers
  • Or tell us how long you would like the CRNs and we will generate them randomly
Select how you would like to receive the results
You can either have the CRNs emailed to yourself, or download a file directly … it’s that simple!

Discover the benefits of BPAY CRN

BPAY CRN - Business benefits


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View the BPAY CRN Generator Tool Quick Reference Guide

Would you like additional help?

If you would like additional assistance with generating BPAY CRNs, please contact your Financial Institution.