An easier way to make and collect payments

BPAY helps you send bills, collect funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of services to make and collect payments, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.

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Master Biller

Take control of your business finances - and get the support you need

No matter how small your business, you can enjoy the benefits of BPAY by becoming a BPAY Sub-Biller. Simply sign up with a Master Biller who collects and manages your payments, using the Master Biller’s BPAY Biller Code.

What’s more, a Master Biller can do more for you than just process payments. They may even take care of all your billing, receipts and reporting.

So you can give your customers a popular, convenient and secure way to pay, while making life easier for you and your staff.

Another way to offer BPAY 

Are you a large business? Find out more about becoming a BPAY Master Biller


How does it work?

  • Sign up with a Master Biller.

    Your Master Biller may be a related company, like a franchisor, or an unrelated business — for example, several well-known small business accounting packages offer Master Biller services.

  • Start billing.

    Add the required BPAY information to your bills, including the Master Biller Code in your Sub-Biller agreement. Depending on the agreement, your Master Biller may even take care of billing for you.

  • Receive payments.

    Your Master Biller’s financial institution sends payments straight to your business account. Meanwhile, your Master Biller will send you all the information you need to reconcile payments and track customer accounts.

How a BPAY Sub-Biller arrangement could help your business

  • Smoother cash flow

    You’ll receive cleared funds in your account on the next Banking Business Day^ — with no chargebacks or bouncing cheques

  • Control costs

    BPAY can help you control your costs, by streamlining billing and reconciliation of payments

  • Lower overheads

    Even if your business is eligible for its own BPAY Biller Code, a Master Biller could potentially help you keep overheads low and spend less time managing bill payments

  • More choice for your customers

    Give your customers a wider choice of payment options, including online and mobile payments, with the security and confidence of Australia’s most popular billing service*


To find out more, contact your financial institution.

^ Banking Business Day means a day on which banks in Sydney or Melbourne are able to effect settlement through the Reserve Bank of Australia.

*Based on BPAY Usage and Attitude survey, 2015