Australia’s leading bill payment service*

Send bills and statements online

BPAY View is the fast and easy way to send bills and statements. You’ll save on printing, postage and delivery, with all the benefits of fast electronic payments and easy reconciliation. Even better, research shows BPAY View customers are more likely to pay on time, giving you faster access to the cash you rely on to keep your business running.**

How does BPAY View work?

Simply sign up as a BPAY View biller with your financial institution. Then, when you’re ready to bill, send your data to the BPAY Hub or your Bill Service Provider. We’ll send bills and statements straight to your customers’ online or mobile bank, complete with your logo and branding. You can even add special offers and links, turning every bill into a powerful marketing tool.

** BPAY Usage and Attitude survey, 2011

How BPAY View can help your business

If you’re still sending paper bills, you know how costly and time consuming they can be. Even sending bills electronically means maintaining an email database, then processing and tracking hundreds of payments.

But BPAY View makes billing easier by using the online banking infrastructure already created by your customers’ financial institutions. So you can give them a secure and convenient way to view and pay bills and statements — and help save your business time and money.

  • Save on billing costs

    With no printing or postage costs, BPAY View is a cost-effective billing option

  • Manage your overheads

    Send bills and process payments securely with potentially lower investment on in-house software, support and IT infrastructure

  • Accelerate cash flow

    Help customers pay faster, with an integrated presentment and payment service that puts cleared funds in your account on the next Banking Business Day^

  • Build your brand

    Add value and delight your customers with a more convenient option for viewing, storing and paying bills and statements

  • Turn bills into marketing opportunities

    Turn electronic bills into an interactive marketing platform, with special offers linked straight through to your website

^ Banking Business Day means a day on which banks in Sydney or Melbourne are able to effect settlement through the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The BPAY View process

BPAY Process