BPAY appointed to deliver the first service on the NPP

BPAY is proud to announce it has been appointed to offer the first service on the New Payments Platform (NPP) currently known as the Initial Convenience Service (ICS). This service will launch at the end of 2017 and will provide:

"A new way for Australia to pay"

Benefits of BPAY for business

BPAY can help with efficient funds collection.

BPAY is simply a better way to manage payables and receivables. Your customers can enjoy the security and flexibility of paying with Australia’s most popular bill payment service. And your business can benefit from lower transaction costs, easier reconciliation and reduced overheads.

So your staff can focus on your core business —spending less time sending and chasing bills.


  • Accelerate cash flow

    Receive cleared funds on the next Banking Business Day^, without the risk of chargebacks or dishonoured cheques

  • Simplify reconciliation

    Track bills electronically with daily payment files designed for easy integration with your preferred accounting system

  • Manage your overheads

    Focus staff time and resources on core business activities, spending less time on preparing and chasing bills

  • Delight your customers

    Give them the security and confidence of Australia’s most popular billing service*

  • Send bills and statements for less

    With no printing or mailing costs, BPAY View is an efficient and low-cost electronic presentment channel

  • Make bills a marketing tool

    Turn electronic bills into an interactive marketing platform, with special offers linked straight through to your website


^ Banking Business Day means a day on which banks in Sydney or Melbourne are able to effect settlement through the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Becoming a BPAY biller is easy

If you’re ready to become a BPAY biller, your financial institution is ready to help.


Develop your staff and encourage your customers to pay you faster with BPAY’s training and marketing resources.


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