An easier way to manage receivables and payables

BPAY helps you send bills, receive funds and pay suppliers faster and more efficiently. We offer a complete range of receivables and payables services, with advanced features to simplify payments and reconciliation.

BPAY Services Overview


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Batch Payments

Streamline payables with Batch payments

Manage payables faster and more efficiently, by using BPAY Batch to pay multiple suppliers simultaneously.

BPAY Batch helps you reduce manual processing and lower administrative costs. It also puts your business in control, with the ability to decide the timing and source of every transaction. So you can manage payables more efficiently, while benefitting from the security and reliability of BPAY bill payments.

BPAY Batch Payments

How does it work?

  • Talk to your financial institution

    Firstly check whether your financial institution offers BPAY Batch.

The following financial institutions offer BPAY Batch:

  • ANZ
  • National Australia Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Westpac
  • Create a Batch file

    Your financial institution will also be able to tell you more about the format you need to follow and the support they provide to streamline the process. Also, check with your financial institution as to the limit to the upload of the file size.

  • Process payments

    Simply send the Batch file to your financial institution and they’ll process all of the payments it contains, sending you a receipt for each payment. It’s as easy as that.

Contact your financial institution to find out more



How BPAY Batch could help your business

  • More efficient bill payments

    Save time by helping your accounts payable staff pay multiple bills with a single file, instead of spending hours paying them individually

  • Lower overheads

    Use a fast and cost-effective solution for multiple bill payments, reducing your administrative overheads

  • Better use of your resources

    Free your staff to spend less time paying bills

  • Value-added services for your clients

    From payroll companies to property managers, businesses can use BPAY Batch to create value-added services for their clients by taking care of payments for them