BPAY change to logo


In November 2012 BPAY changed its logo. As part of BPAY’s 15 year Anniversary, the refreshment and modernisation of the logo ensures that the brand continues to be associated with the modern way of paying.

When do businesses need to implement the new BPAY logo?

Billers have an 18 month window from the 1st December 2012 to the beginning of June 2014 to implement the new logo on bills (electronic or paper), information section on web and mobile sites and any printed material.

When do Financial Institutions need to implement the new BPAY logo?

Financial Institutions are required to update the BPAY logo on all Internet banking platforms, websites, mobile sites and printed materials by December 2013.

Where to download the logos and get further support

Click here to download the new brand guidelines and logos. If any further assistance is required, please email the BPAY Marketing department at

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